Friday, September 18, 2009

Nic & Ty's Guest Book


This is the slideshow of Nicole & Tyler's guest book, full of their favorite photos from their engagement shoot. And yes, they really did choose "Barf" for the cover. :) They are just too fun! See you crazy kids in a few weeks!! :)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Sweetest Angel

It seems absolutely impossible that sweet Baby Reece turned one year old! We photographed her parents' wedding and then were lucky enough to capture her as a newborn. Kids just really do grow up too fast. Everyone tells you that, but you don't realize how true it is until there is a little one in your life, changing everyday. I guess that is why photographs are so important to me. I want to remember each face (and each outfit) before it changes. I have a bad memory, so I need visual reminders. :)

This precious princess is one of my favorite subjects. Her family is welcome at our studio any time!! Her mother is the nicest person you will ever meet, her father is fun, her brother is well-mannered, so it is no wonder that Reece herself is...perfection!! Happy Birthday, Sweetie!!

These are the very same wings she wore in her newborn photos that turned out so beautifully. A year later, she is still truly angelic!

Who loves her Pooh Bear?

Beautiful girl, beautiful dress, beautiful headband, colorful parasol=too, too cute! Well planned, Mom!

Somebody get this kid an agent!
We're still working on these, so I have no doubt there will be more cuteness to come. Can't wait to see you guys at Nicole & Wade's wedding this weekend!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

More Love....

I will attempt to catch up on some blogging soon, but we're busy, busy, so no promises. ;)

Here is the second part of our photo shoot with Nicole & Tyler, aka The Couple Voted Most Likely To Give You a know, because they are so sweet. :) They wanted an informal session and didn't want to do a lot of posing, so we basically just followed them around, offering hints when needed. They were fabulous subjects so there were a ton of great pics. Here are some more of my favorites...

In this same location, their expressions ranged from smokin' hot to sugary sweet, with lots of laughs in between. The awesome thing is, they just really are this cute with each other!

I love that you can really feel how much they care about each other...

He made her leg "pop"!

Oh! Too much cuteness!! I can't take it!! It was a close race, but I think these last two are my favorites. They just really capture their personalities.

I'm smitten. They are just too cute for words...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these guys. I can't wait for the big day!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Marvelous Max

I love how kids are completely oblivious to the heat.  The grown-ups are trudging around in a bad mood begging for air-conditioning, but the munchkins continue running around with their incredible energy.  Even on the hottest of days, Max had a TON of energy!!  We were definitely breaking a sweat to keep up with him!  :)

Look at that cutie...

He asked where the birdie was...
He loved swinging and didn't want Mommy to sit with him because she slowed it down...
Running, running, everywhere...

Sliding, swinging; he did it all...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Finding LOVE in unlikely places

We first met Nicole & Tyler at their friends' Colleen & Preston's wedding last year.  C&P were totally laid-back and we had such a great time shooting their wedding, so we were psyched when Nicole & Tyler called us to shoot their upcoming wedding.

They probably forgot about these pictures from C&P's wedding, but we didn't!!  We've got: 
1) Nicole and the bride.
2) the "Monsters in the Closet" group photo that the couple specifically requested. The arrows point out Nicole & Tyler's awesome faces.
3) the groom and Tyler riding on the stone horse outside of PF Chang's. It was something that the groom had always wanted to do and Roy was there to catch it. (Do NOT try this.)
4) the guys and Roy leaving PF Chang's quickly after being reprimanded by a manager. I was there to catch them fleeing.

Nicole & Tyler are adorable and fun-loving.  Their joie de vivre is totally infectious, so we had a BLAST shooting their engagement photos.  They wanted a casual feel for their portraits, so we went industrial.  It was just one big, fun, urban romp, where occasionally, they were asked to hold a pose.

Since they are having an October wedding, this Grim Reaper mural caught our eye...

We found a rake lying near this dock, so Tyler wanted to try for a modern "American Gothic" homage...

This building was falling down, so they did their part to help hold it up...

This will likely be the cover of their photo guest book...

Check out Nicole's super cute shoes!

There are going to be tons more photos from this session because they were having too much fun!  

We've got mail!

I just received our invitation to Allen's birthday party and I LOVE what his mommy did for the invites! She always has such creative ideas!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Tres Anos Fiesta

See, I remember a little Spanish from high school.  ;)  Allen is turning three soon and is celebrating with a fiesta-themed party.  Technically, that would be a party-themed party, but you know what I'm saying.  His mother is a brilliant jewelry designer slash graphic designer and will be making super awesome invitations for said party, which I can't wait to see.  Check out the new backdrop!!

The maracas were a big hit, as was our new chair...

Little sis, Elizabeth, wanted to show him how posing is done...

Enjoying the new fall props...

Taking a siesta under his poncho...

I knew there was a smile in there somewhere... Did I mention that he can say the entire "Pledge of Allegiance"?!
Feliz cumpleanos, Hombre Pequeno!